Rigid Coupling

The manufacturing quality of rigid couplings and keyless locking devices is unparalleled, and they are stocked at distributors throughout Asia.

Rigid Shaft Coupling

The rigid shaft couplings are completely interchangeable to other industry standard rigid couplings. EPT offers these as a rigid single piece set screw clamp design, a one-piece single split clamp design, and a two-piece double split clamp design. Most designs are available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The steel designs come with either a plain, black oxide, or zinc finish. They are offered in a variety of bore and keyways sizes, including metric bores and keyways.

Rigid Compression Couplings


For tough applications where strength and affordability are important, the design of rigid compression couplings is well suited
EP cast steel couplings are an excellent choice for joining two shafts of the same size This type of coupling is also known as a “rigid clamp style” coupling.When you want the strength of a rigid coupling at cast iron prices, choose Lovejoy rigid compression couplings. The  design of our rigid compression couplings make them well suited for the toughest applications…  

Flex Coupling Shaft

Shaft misalignment can limit the performance of machines, cause excessive wear, and often lead to premature failure. Flexible shaft couplings can help prevent these issues by transmitting torque while also accommodating for parallel, axial, and angular misalignment between drive components. High performance flexible shaft couplings can also reduce vibration, dampen noise, and protect drive shaft components from overload…

Flexible Shaft Coupling

A general use coupling that is best suited for applications with a large degree of misalignment up to 50 HP. The Gear Grip Coupling is a three-piece highly flexible design which includes two hubs and a flexible sleeve. Guardian offers three different sleeve materials including neoprene, urethane, and reinforced neoprene. Depending on the series, the hubs are typically offered in zinc or sintered steel.

Industrial Couplings

Industrial couplings keep your equipment running properly. Couplings are key to preventing too much torque, keeping power shafts aligned, and adjusting for variations inherent in any power transfer. From managing power transition to breaking off connections to prevent damage, your couplings are pivotal to keeping your equipment operating optimally.We are recognized distributors for top manufacturers across the country.

Elastic Coupling

Elastic Coupling is a device used for the longitudinal joining of two rotating parts of a machine , designed to compensate for the relative displacement of the parts’ axes and to absorb the shocks caused by joining the parts.These Aluminum shaft couplers allow you to couple two size shafts together. They can be used for connecting motor shafts to drive shafts, or two different-sized shafts. One-piece design allows flexible coupling…

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Rigid Couplings

Rigid couplings are a type of coupling that should only be utilized when shafts are precisely in line. A rigid coupling is only suitable for shafts in close alignment or held in alignment. If not aligned, torque will transfer to the shafts and bearings and likely cause premature failure. Unlike most other types of couplings, there is no flexible element in a rigid coupling.

There are three main types of rigid couplings: sleeve, flanged and clamped. For commercial shafting, a rigid coupling may be a sleeve with the shafts pressed into each end or it may be a clamping sleeve. The sleeve on each shaft end may have an external flange with bolt holes. Couplings for large power machines are bolted together to hold the shafts rigidly; therefore the shafts must be accurately aligned before assembly.

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Shaft Couplings serve as components to time, join, or align shafts at lower speeds and torque, especially when zero backlash is desired. They are not intended for use as a critical part of a drive line or as a substitute for flexible or universal joints or other power transmission devices. Rigid couplings are designed for aligned shafts only, and are the most basic but often the most cost-effective coupling.

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