Timing Pulley

Timing pulleys are drive components that are being used to transmit rotary movement between parallel axes. Ever-power’s timing belt pulley assortment provides reliable overall performance with very little maintenance-generally, the only required maintenance is usually periodic adjustment of belt pressure.

Why search continually, looking for aluminum or steel timing pulleys that are the exact width that you need? Simply order Ever-power Common aluminum or steel timing pulleys and minimize them yourself. Our aluminium or metal timing pulleys stock allows you the flexibility to create pulleys in actual widths. Don’t start to see the timing belt pulley you need? Ever-power’s engineers will continue to work with you to produce the desired profile, just E mail us!

We supply hobbyists, pupils, distributors and a wide variety of OEMs with high-quality machined timing belt pulleys and molded pulleys at affordable prices.

Ever-power offers a broad range of off-the-shelf ” and metric timing belt pulleys. Aluminum, metal or plastic pulleys are available with or without steel inserts, metal hubs, set screws or hubs.

As a complete supply for small power transmission components, our pulleys are offered in the same profiles as our timing belt variety: 40 D.P., miniature 1, 2, & 3 mm, Gates PowerGrip, Gates PowerGrip 3, L, MXL, T, and XL.

For many years we have helped design engineers build synchronous drive systems. Our engineers can assist in selecting a typical catalog item to meet your need. At times, there happen to be applications where the standard catalog item doesn’t satisfy all requirements. Modifications, custom elements or custom drive devices could be designed, engineered, created and assembled in-house.
Design Your Belt and Pulley Travel System
Design your belt drive program using our Center Distance Custom. This calculator computes belt lengths for several center distances and checks the amount of teeth in mesh for both pulleys. It calculates pulley travel ratios and the nominal center length for a specified pulley pair.

The Center Distance Custom shows all available pulleys and belts that fit within your criteria. Click on the part quantity for instant access to product specifications, 3D CAD Models, prices and availability. Belts and pulleys ship within a day from inventory. If a typical catalog item doesn’t fulfill your needs we can provide custom alternatives, e mail us for engineering assistance.
Commercial & Precision
Commercial Plastic Timing Belt Pulleys

Thousands of plastic-type material timing belt pulleys can be found off-the-shelf. Molded with and without inserts our pulleys can be found in a wide variety of sizes and typical bore sizes, various other bore sizes, keyways or different modifications are available on special obtain. We inventory the timing belts to perform with all our pulleys.
Commercial & Precision Metal Timing Belt Pulleys

Ever-power manufactures a multitude of metal inch and metric sized pulleys. For each profile offered you will find a wide selection of obtainable grooves, widths, single-flange, double-flange and no-flange. Various other bore sizes, keyways or adjustments can be found on special order. We inventory the timing belts to perform with all our pulleys.
Commercial Pulleys

The self-guiding Conidrive Program comprises of pulleys without flanges and belts that are 10, 20 and 30 mm wide. The distinct anodized aluminium pulleys are created with the unique hub. If the standard catalog items don’t meet your preferences other sizes could be built on special order.

Commercial Flat Timing Belt Pulleys

Inch and metric Flat Belt Pulleys are constructed with fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate with possibly brass or light weight aluminum inserts and are available off-the-shelf. Pulleys with nonstandard diameters or of distinctive design are available custom-manufactured to your drawings.

Commercial & Precision Grooved Pulleys

Precision and commercial quality Grooved Pulleys are available from inventory. Pin or clamp type made in stainless steel or molded with brass put in.
Commercial Idler Pulleys with Needle Bearings

Metal Idler Pulleys with Needle type Bearings are for sale to flat belts, v-belts, sprockets and timing pulleys. Typical bore sizes are: 3/16 (inch), 1/4 (inch) and 1/2 (inch).

Precision Posi-Drive Sprockets

Posi-Drive Sprockets are made to run with posi-travel belts. Posi-drive belts certainly are a low-cost option to miniature steel chain. The Posi-drive sprockets are created in aluminum or steel and are offered with a clamp or pin type hub.

Commercial Pulleys

Our Ever-electricity Pulleys are molded with a metal insert and so are available with solo or double flanges. They can be purchased in XL, L, 3mm, and 5mm pitches.
Commercial Synchromesh Pulleys

Synchromesh Pulleys are plastic-type material drive pulleys with helical grooves on their outside diameter to permit accurate engagement with the spiral structure on the drive wire. The pulleys are available in the next pitches: .120, .150, .200 and .250.
Commercial Timing Pulley Stock

Available in light weight aluminum or steel, our inch and metric Pulley Inventory is offered in a wide selection of amount of grooves and groove profiles. Observe our E-store for availability or phone our Sales Group.
Commercial V-Belt Pulleys

Ever-power stocks inch and metric sized Companion Pulleys for 1/4 inches (6 mm) V-belts. Pulleys offered are molded and molded with aluminium insert and range between 1 (inch) thru 6 (inch) (25 mm thru 152 mm) in diameter.


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